“My work is about human psychological state, which I tend to bring the sense of presence of space. That is vague and unnameable - that seizes unknown mind and capture the moment from transformation. When I create, my mind fully present state.”

Alien, that is how I feel. Because I lived in different countries. Recently I moved to Seattle after living in Shanghai around 8 years.
I was born in Seoul, Korea and moved to U.S when I was 3months. Later my family moved to Italy and U.K. Being surrounded with unfamiliar language, environment and culture seemed like I was in another planet. Still I feel I am alien, but I am comfortable being one.

Soo worked professionally as designer, illustrator. She developed her own style by digitally combined hand drawings and watercolor marks on computers. This technique developed into manual approach when she started her artist career.


The canvases of Soo Hong conjure an atmospheric and dreamlike terrain based on nomadic early childhood, which she evokes without illustrating specific details. The Seattle based artist creates layered compositions based subject matter from her daily life : dreams, places and past experiences. She works by using charcoal on paper and collage images on canvas. She fills in the works with paint and by doing so, draws out the energetic relationships and creates a landscape between the charcoal images. “Painting is a place where I could understand.” Hong has said of her work.



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