“My work is about human psychological state, which I tend to bring the sense of presence of space. That is vague and unnameable - that seizes unknown mind and capture the moment from transformation. When I create, my mind fully present state.”

Soo worked professionally as designer, illustrator. She developed her own style by digitally combined hand drawings and watercolor marks on computers. This technique developed into manual approach when she started her artist career.

Artist Statement

Having lived in various countries in Europe, Asia and America, I am not deeply rooted in a particular culture or language. Uncertainty and obscurity are everywhere and happen everyday. The word “molla” which, in Korean, means “don’t know” sums up every question towards my own feelings of ambiguity. My paintings are records of my “molla,” addressing themes of psychology and spirituality related to human emotions. My mind dives into another place while painting - meditative state. Art-making wakes my subconscious mind and becomes clear.

My works are mixed-media paintings using materials such as charcoal, oil stick, acrylic paint and paper. I start with semi-abstract charcoal drawings on paper and then attach them to the canvas. Some part of drawings are covered with acrylic paints, giving the effect of variable hues, brush strokes and fluid forms. Laying the canvas on the floor, I drip paints and draw freestyle lines to introduce automatism. I use peeling, drawing, splashing, and automatic technique. This combination allows me to interpret my ideas into painting.



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