Soo Kyung Hong was born in 1978 in Seoul, Korea. Until age of 10, she spent her childhood in the United States, Italy and the U.K. She studied at Hongik University, Korea. and in Central Saint Martins College of Art, London.
She currently lives and works in Kirkland, U.S.A.


Artist Statement

“Mol-La” a Korean expression, meaning “Don’t know”. I often used this word since early years of age. I have lived in several different countries since childhood and therefore had been cast into environment I am not familiar with. I experienced ambiguity through incomprehensible language and local people around. My art work explores such vague psychological state of human by using visual elements.
I use charcoal to draw humans and common objects, which express the ambiguity of my understanding of surrounding people and their language. On canvas, I arrange and paste the charcoal drawings that make connection to one another. Then I paint with the colors that trigger the atmosphere between the elements.
The contrast between charcoal’s gray and vividly color-painted space interests me greatly. I invite the viewers to investigate the scene by picking up drawing elements that intends to deliver a story. Although the viewers may not pinpoint what is displayed I hope my paintings allow me to transfer verbally indescribable experience into those that are visually comprehensible.