Rain Village


The Rain Village project is a ritual act to emotionally accept the Pacific Northwest and more specifically Greater Seattle Area as my new home. Rain is a metaphor symbolizing Seattle, each droplet represents the individuals within the area. 

As a recent immigrant, I am finding ways to feel that I belong here. I am excited as well as anxious about living in my new home in the US. I presume other immigrants feel a like. As a means of comfort, newcomers decorate their houses’ interiors with the items symbolizing their home country or culture. For an outsider, accepting new place requires a ritual to make the new place feel as their home. 

Raindrop detail view

Currently I am collecting raindrop drawings from Greater Seattle Area Residents.
I would like to you think about the idea about home, what means home to you and draw a raindrop shape on copy paper (Letter size). These collected drawings will be created into small sculptures using 3D printing ceramics for installation.

I wish this project gives an opportunity to the viewers to contemplate about feelings of belonging. 

Installation view


Step 1

Place your Copy paper orientation in landscape


Step 2

Fold your paper in half, left to right.


Step 3

Draw single outline think about the size and shapes which reflects the idea about home.

You can use a pencil, pen or Marker


Step 4

Draw another outline on the other side.


Step 5

Select one of drawing and do a check mark.


Step 6

Choose the size texture; thin, mid, thick and write on the corner.

3d printing has slicer which creates a linear texture

How to send your drawing

A. Scan your drawing 150dpi and email to


B. Send your drawing to this address:

4624 118th Ave SE
Bellevue WA 98006