Illustrations works available in Fine Art America

Looking back my old works, they were piling it up on the corner of my bookshelf. I still think they are precious to me and needs to be shown to the world. They were forgotten for several years and now I started to organize them and ready for prints on demand.

Working in pencil and watercolor gave me a lot of freedom. Cause I just need small table to work on to put a palette and paper. I like to keep everything tidy and easy to carry.

Having a design background, I feel comfortable working on computers. Most of my illustration drawings are hand drawn and later each drawings are scanned and edited digitally. Transforming the image scale and changing color tone in computer is a lot flexible than physically painting on canvas or drawing on paper. This method gives a lot inspirations while I am combining images together on the screen.

  Breeze  cards

Breeze cards

  Presents  mobile case

Presents mobile case

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