Inspiration, Where are you from?

It seems everyone who has interested in mystery in artworld is curious about this artist. I am one of them. Sweden artist who died in 1986, Hilma af Klint left large scale abstract paintings which asked not to be shown until twenty years after her death. She was interest in spirituality and science which shows in these large painting series.

I wonder what leads me to art. Inspiration? where do you find them? Or do they just naturally come to me? These questions lead interest in spirituality, psychology, philosophy and science - All these are abstract, vague and unknown. That is why it is never ending subject to artists including me to understand me and between the world. Art probably do not give clear answer for this questions, but it helps to leave a mark or a note about one’s misty thoughts. To me, art marking could be explained like scratching my itchy skin. Still those questions are remain in my thoughts. Hoping for A-ha moment to discover my inspiration source.

  Energy  2015, Watercolor and charcoal on paper, 20.4” x 14.9”

Energy 2015, Watercolor and charcoal on paper, 20.4” x 14.9”


Hilma af Klint exhibit information at Solomon R.Guggenheim museum New York

Article from Artspace
On Not Getting It: An Interview with Tracey Bashkoff, Curator of the Guggenheim's "Hilma af Klint: Paintings for the Future"

By Charlie Markbreiter