Art on the road : Day2 (Watercolor series)

 Finally, here is Joy’s watercolor!

Finally, here is Joy’s watercolor!


“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.” 
― Albert Camus

After big lunch on Sunday afternoon, Joy’s and my family went to St. Edward State park. Our family visited this place several times, because my daughter prefer to play in the water than walking between the trees. Plus one more, it has playground before you enter the trails. There are several ways to hike and all leads to lakeside where you can have a beautiful view. Luckily, we caught warm sunset view when we arrived there. Children spent around 2 hours just digging the sand, sitting on the log and giggling each other.

This time, I used one of my pictures that I took the lake and fall trees meeting together. Yellow, blue and green. Is this Scandinavian theme? Fall come across with orange, yellow and red. Today I saw Fall scene which brings me to Northern europe.


Using two brushes for water and paint, this method gives me time to control the water. Sky needs a lot of water to use that unique watercolor texture. I let the paper to dry and add another payer on the painting. I prefer to paint directly using watercolor paint instead of sketching with pencil.

 St Edward State Park. WA,Sunday afternoon

St Edward State Park. WA,Sunday afternoon


Inspiration, Where are you from?

It seems everyone who has interested in mystery in artworld is curious about this artist. I am one of them. Sweden artist who died in 1986, Hilma af Klint left large scale abstract paintings which asked not to be shown until twenty years after her death. She was interest in spirituality and science which shows in these large painting series.

I wonder what leads me to art. Inspiration? where do you find them? Or do they just naturally come to me? These questions lead interest in spirituality, psychology, philosophy and science - All these are abstract, vague and unknown. That is why it is never ending subject to artists including me to understand me and between the world. Art probably do not give clear answer for this questions, but it helps to leave a mark or a note about one’s misty thoughts. To me, art marking could be explained like scratching my itchy skin. Still those questions are remain in my thoughts. Hoping for A-ha moment to discover my inspiration source.

  Energy  2015, Watercolor and charcoal on paper, 20.4” x 14.9”

Energy 2015, Watercolor and charcoal on paper, 20.4” x 14.9”


Hilma af Klint exhibit information at Solomon R.Guggenheim museum New York

Article from Artspace
On Not Getting It: An Interview with Tracey Bashkoff, Curator of the Guggenheim's "Hilma af Klint: Paintings for the Future"

By Charlie Markbreiter


Art on the road : Day 1 (Watercolor series)

I moved to Seattle area before living in Shanghai for more than 8 years. FYI I am originally from Seoul and Joy is originally from Hangzhou. Joy moved to Seattle a month before I moved. We were living in same compound when we were living in Shanghai. Her son and my daughter were playdate buddies. That is how I got to know her, but after a year she left Shanghai in 2013 which wasn't enough time for us to know better.

 Now, Both were surprised to meet each other after long years. I believe there were some kind of energy pulled us together. Now we met on weekends and started to go hiking with our kids to explore natures in Washington.

This is our first day of Art on the road from Poo Poo Point trail at Tiger mountain. It showered for few minutes, but the sun came soon. I found surprising textures and various kind of hidden mushrooms between the logs. I will be making watercolor series each week after Hiking with Joy. This is my first one Voila!

 No.1 : Tiger mountain

No.1 : Tiger mountain


 View from Tiger mountain

View from Tiger mountain

 Tree trunk textures

Tree trunk textures


Tiger mountain trail information
Location: Issaquah, Washington, US

Teaching and learning art

When I am teaching, actually I am learning. I feel I learn more from teaching than studying alone wondering with my own art world. Meeting new people and all ages gives you an opportunity to look in different perspective. This process affects to my personal art making process. Specially choosing colors, I learn a lot from young masters. They are bold and creative in their choice of colors. Mature students reveal various taste towards art which are unalike mine. This experience realizes me that it has its own beauty and stories.

 Art making studies 1

Art making studies 1

 Art making studies 2

Art making studies 2

 One day workshop at U concept gallery  photo by U Concept gallery

One day workshop at U concept gallery
photo by U Concept gallery

Illustrations works available in Fine Art America

Looking back my old works, they were piling it up on the corner of my bookshelf. I still think they are precious to me and needs to be shown to the world. They were forgotten for several years and now I started to organize them and ready for prints on demand.

Working in pencil and watercolor gave me a lot of freedom. Cause I just need small table to work on to put a palette and paper. I like to keep everything tidy and easy to carry.

Having a design background, I feel comfortable working on computers. Most of my illustration drawings are hand drawn and later each drawings are scanned and edited digitally. Transforming the image scale and changing color tone in computer is a lot flexible than physically painting on canvas or drawing on paper. This method gives a lot inspirations while I am combining images together on the screen.

  Breeze  cards

Breeze cards

  Presents  mobile case

Presents mobile case

Here is my Fine Art America shop